I Found My Snowboarding Boots, What A Relief!

I’ve been looking for my snowboarding boots all weekend long and I finally just found them! My boyfriend and I were supposed to go snowboarding last Friday but we didn’t have chains for his truck and it was going to be snowing all day long so we decided it wouldn’t be safe to go without them. Unfortunately our snowboarding trip keeps get putting off because of one thing or another and finally this last friday we woke up at 4 A.M. we were all packed ready to go and checked the weather it was raining we we were at and it said snowy and windy in the mountains so without chains on the truck it was a no go, once again.

So this coming Friday is going to be it. The infamous snowboarding day, the one day that we get to go up a season. I can’t wait. I looked for those darn boots everywhere last Thursday, in the addict, in every household closet, in the laundry room and in the shed outside. I crawled through rat poop and spider webs but to no avail did I find the boots, which really pissed me off because I knew I was probably gonna have to rent a whole set of a snowboard and boots because they have the new click in apparatuses which I have the old strap in kind. Not only would I have to teach myself how to use a new mechanism I would also have to pay extra money which I don’t really have. So now I can save a little bit of money and possibly buy myself a new e-cigarette because mine blew up in my face a few days ago.

I’m super excited to go to the snow it’s my favorite thing to do. And not to be cocky but yes I am good at it. I can jump off ramps and catch air I can slide down polls and do a 360 degree turn but that’s about it. I can’t bust any badass tricks or anything but I can do some basic snowboarding things like go down the halfpipes and stuff like that. But my favorite thing is just floating on the fresh powder and carving through it. I heard there’s a lot of snow up there right now so hopefully the conditions will be nice when we go even though it’s becoming close to the end of the season there’s just so much snow this year that it’s going to be a long season. And I’m so thankful that I will have time to get up there before it’s over.

Why Is It So Hard To Get to The Gym?

Everyday I plan on going to the gym and everyday I don’t make it. Why is it so hard to get to the gym? I can make it maybe once a week but I’d like to go once a day if not at least once every other day. I mean geez I’m paying $50 dollars a month for the darn membership, I really feel like I should be making better use out of it than sitting on the couch and watching TV or even writing on this blog, but I get so addicted to electronic devices that I lose track of time and I even find myself spending quite a lot of time watching movies with my boyfriend at his house that sometimes on the weekend we don’t get our day started until 4 or 5 P.M. like we did today. But it’s so nice just to chill and relax and lay in bed with my lover all day long eat and cuddle and hold each other and watch movies and nap all day long.

I have to admit I do have some trouble with procrastination. And I do have recent proof of that getting me into trouble, with my psychiatrist appointment and with my hair cut appointment. One my psychiatrist got mad at me and two my hair came up not the way I wanted it to. So how do I deal with this procrastination problem and the being tardy and lateness issue? I will have to get up earlier and jump in the shower way before my appointments start so that I know I will give myself enough time to drive to them, since I live out in the country it takes a little longer for me to travel to the city. It usually takes me at least an hour to take a shower and get dressed and half an hour travel time to the city.

But my gym’s right down the street and I don’t need to take a shower to get ready to go there. I guess I could make up the excuse that’s it’s only open until 5 P.M. on the weekends and 8 P.M. on the weekdays. Which gives me enough time but not when you’re a late bird like me. I wish it was open 24 hours a day like my boyfriend’s gym then I might be there more often, at least on the weekends for sure. It’s so hard for me to plan for things on the weekend because those days are my free days and when the gym closes early I feel like I lose precious time with my boyfriend. Especially when he will start his job that will be our special time together.

Anyway I could go on with the excuses but I know it’s just my fault and more of my procrastination and though writing these blogs/diaries I am able to see the better of my faults and I will try to work on them and get back to you on how it’s going. I hope my techniques of planning ahead and giving myself enough time to get ready and realizing what my priorities are, because working out is important for me. I plan on training and getting prepared for snowboarding for this upcoming week. For when my boyfriend and I plan to go snowboarding/skiing this coming Friday. We have to strengthen our legs and get prepared for the high altitude. So wish me luck as I get off my lazy ass and get my procrastinating butt to the gym.

No Chains On The Truck, No Snowboarding Today

Today it’s storming pretty bad here in Sonoma County. My boyfriend and I were planning on going up to Tahoe to go on a snowboarding adventure. But since it’s raining we decided it be best not to go up to the mountains without any chains on his truck. It probably would’ve taken longer to get up there anyways and we would’ve been snowboarding with snow in our faces all day long because the weather forecast said it was going to be windy and snowing all day long.

So once again our snowboarding trip is put off for another week. We have to go on a Friday because it’s a special deal for college students where it only costs $15 per lift ticket compared to the regular $75 daily price of a lift ticket. Plus I don’t know if it would be fun to go snowboarding with snow and wind in our faces all day long. At least it would have been really tiring to be cold and wet all day long. Yet I was willing to do pretty much anything just to get up there as I just want to go snowboarding so bad, ugh! This is frustrating.

Once again this is partially due to my procrastination because we could’ve rented chains for $30 for five days instead of buying them for $60. Which would’ve have helped since we are both broke right now. Why is it that only rich people can afford to going skiing and snowboarding? It’s just so darn expensive. And I couldn’t find my snowboard boots last night so I was pretty sure they got misplaced in the addict or my dad might have accidentally given them away to the Goodwill. So last night I was kind of pissed off when I found out I was going to probably have to rent boots and a board, the kind where you click in in instead of strapped in. Which I’ve never ridden before and would’ve have been a new experience for me, even though I just got this other older board which I love, and much rather ride than a used rental board. I know I’m sounding spoiled, we’ll I guess I am, I’m daddy’s little girl. And since I am focusing on finishing my education right now and don’t have a job, it was important that I go snowboarding today because I know I’m probably not going to get another chance to go this season.

Next week when we go at least we know there will be snow from this week’s storm. We will be ready with chains and boots and what ever else we might need. I just hope the weather conditions are superior for the one day that I get to go up a year. I can’t wait and I look forward ro next Friday, yay!