Why Is It So Hard To Get to The Gym?

Everyday I plan on going to the gym and everyday I don’t make it. Why is it so hard to get to the gym? I can make it maybe once a week but I’d like to go once a day if not at least once every other day. I mean geez I’m paying $50 dollars a month for the darn membership, I really feel like I should be making better use out of it than sitting on the couch and watching TV or even writing on this blog, but I get so addicted to electronic devices that I lose track of time and I even find myself spending quite a lot of time watching movies with my boyfriend at his house that sometimes on the weekend we don’t get our day started until 4 or 5 P.M. like we did today. But it’s so nice just to chill and relax and lay in bed with my lover all day long eat and cuddle and hold each other and watch movies and nap all day long.

I have to admit I do have some trouble with procrastination. And I do have recent proof of that getting me into trouble, with my psychiatrist appointment and with my hair cut appointment. One my psychiatrist got mad at me and two my hair came up not the way I wanted it to. So how do I deal with this procrastination problem and the being tardy and lateness issue? I will have to get up earlier and jump in the shower way before my appointments start so that I know I will give myself enough time to drive to them, since I live out in the country it takes a little longer for me to travel to the city. It usually takes me at least an hour to take a shower and get dressed and half an hour travel time to the city.

But my gym’s right down the street and I don’t need to take a shower to get ready to go there. I guess I could make up the excuse that’s it’s only open until 5 P.M. on the weekends and 8 P.M. on the weekdays. Which gives me enough time but not when you’re a late bird like me. I wish it was open 24 hours a day like my boyfriend’s gym then I might be there more often, at least on the weekends for sure. It’s so hard for me to plan for things on the weekend because those days are my free days and when the gym closes early I feel like I lose precious time with my boyfriend. Especially when he will start his job that will be our special time together.

Anyway I could go on with the excuses but I know it’s just my fault and more of my procrastination and though writing these blogs/diaries I am able to see the better of my faults and I will try to work on them and get back to you on how it’s going. I hope my techniques of planning ahead and giving myself enough time to get ready and realizing what my priorities are, because working out is important for me. I plan on training and getting prepared for snowboarding for this upcoming week. For when my boyfriend and I plan to go snowboarding/skiing this coming Friday. We have to strengthen our legs and get prepared for the high altitude. So wish me luck as I get off my lazy ass and get my procrastinating butt to the gym.