I Love My Family

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I love my family so much and they have been so supportive of me and my schooling I am so grateful to have them in my life. I am hoping to go to a university up in Portland, Oregon and they are totally supportive of it. I’m looking forward to moving out of the state and sometimes I feel anxious because it’s such a far move.

I would say it’s a 12 hour drive and a 1 hour flight to Portland from where we live now. But my mom said she looks forward to coming up and visiting us, which makes me happy. I have the best family ever and I regret if I’ve ever said anything bad about them. I just realized how lucky I am and how much I should be grateful for them. But that is just the roller coaster of emotions I’m on right now with my finals at school. I hate finals week. I feel worried that I’m not going to pass my classes and I want to show them that I can and will get good grades.


Sent Transcripts Off For PSU

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I have applied for Portland State University for this coming Fall semester and I am crossing my fingers that I get accepted. It is the only college that I have applied to and I hope that I get accepted because I am pretty much planning on going. I’ve just sent off my transcripts yesterday and I hope that since it’s an relatively easy college to get into that I will be able to get into it. PSU is located in Portland, Oregon, where it rains all the time and where it’s beautiful and green. It is a metropolis of liberal-minded people just like a larger version of where I live right now. I’ve visited there a couple of times and I think I would very much like to live there. The public transportation is very good and the people are cool. It is a bicycle friendly city. And I hope to live close enough to the downtown area so that I can just ride my bike to school.

Portland Sate University, Campus

It will be out of the state that I live in now so it will be a big move for me. I have never moved that far away from my family before, but it is only about one hour away on a plane, 12-hours i9n the car. Which will be nice if they choose to come and visit me. What I wish is that they will someday choose to move up there permanently and live close to me and my new roots which I would like to settle down up there in Portland, because it is less expensive and it’s beautiful. It would be much cheaper to buy a house than it would here in California. Unless I decide to I could always come back down here, but with the drought and everything I’m not sure.

I would love to get married to my boyfriend and buy a house and start a family somewhere where we could afford a comfortable living. And it’s just so expensive in California, I’m not sure if we would have the same opportunities as we would in Oregon. Especially since I am Native American and my tribe is up there and they would offer me special deals on buying a house for my first time if I needed it I believe. I’m not sure if I would have to live in Oregon to qualify but it might help.

I know that going to school up there will be nice because the tribe will help me with scholarships and housing. Which they would also do in other states but I’m not sure if I would get the same treatment. Like I will probably be able to claim residency if I am in Oregon as my tribe is based in Oregon. For that I feel very fortunate because out of state is very expensive. And I feel very lucky to be part Native American except for the fact that I have no real relatives on my mom’s Native side because of the displacement of our people. So I hope everything goes well and I will just have to take it one step at a time. First I will get my education and then I will move on from there. That will take two years. And that will be my priority for the next two years. After that we’ll see where it goes from there.

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