Doing Math Homework Today

Ugh, today is the day I do my dreaded math homework. I sit in my chair until my back hurts, usually at least 3 to 4 hours, until it’s all done. I hate doing my math homework. It takes a really long time for me to complete. I start from the beginning of each chapter and do all the practice exercise, which takes a long time, so I can understand the material once I get to the actual exercise problems. I have to this in order to understand the material better and comprehend it to the best of my ability and when I do this and I still can’t comprehend the material then I know I have a serious problem. But I have an answer booklet which shows me the answers to all the odd problems which is kind of a handicap because sometimes I have to admit I just copy the answers out of the answers book instead of trying to work them out on my own.

Math is a hard subject for me but right now I have an low “A” in the class. Which I am very proud of. Yesterday I played hookie from class because I wasn’t feeling that well in the morning and didn’t want to have an upset stomach during the class period. Plus I knew there was nothing due and I would not be missing out on anything important so I just basically didn’t show up. I know that is terrible of me but I just don’t like going to that class when there’s nothing to turn in.

Today is my mom’s birthday so we will be celebrating that tonight. We are going out to Gary Chu’s, a Chinese restaurant that she likes and then coming home to have cake and open gifts. I like having birthdays at our house it’s always fun to acknowledge someone on their special day. I didn’t really know what to get her though so I just got her a gift certificate for Macy’s so she can go shopping and pick out something nice for herself. I think she’ll appreciate it because she loves to go shopping and she always goes to Macy’s. She already had a Macy’s card so she might just use it to pay off part of her Macy’s card already. But that’s okay too. I had fun going shopping for the card with my dad today as he was the one who paid for it.

We went to the mall and had coffee at Starbucks together and then we went home. It was quick but I don’t get to spend that much time with my dad lately as he is always working and I am usually at my boyfriend’s house. I love both of my parents very much and I am so happy that they are still together. I feel like one of the lucky ones and I hope that when I get married I will be able to stay together with my partner for the rest of my natural life. Which is why I feel like I have found my special partner and I believe he is the one for me. I would get married to him tomorrow if he asked me to. I love him that much. Anyways I hope my mom has a good birthday and night tonight I wish I could do more than just get her a little gift card but I hope she realizes how much I love her and appreciate all that she does and has done for me.


Exam Today

Today was the dreaded math exam. The one where the teacher is the dean, professor of the math department. So I really wanted to show off to her that I could get a good grade because she’s always breathing down the back of my neck.

And yay, it wasn’t that hard! It was a two-part exam with about twenty questions. I’m pretty sure I got a “B” if not an “A” which would be even better. I did spend a lot of extra time studying and felt pretty confident on every problem. So at least I know I’m getting a passing grade. Whew, what a relief. I don’t know why I psych myself out so much for these things, but maybe it’s just cause I’m high strung. I tend to get nervous in high stress situations.

Well I’m glad it’s over with because now it’s Springs break. Woo hoo! No homework or schoolwork for a week. Yay. I think I’m going to go snowboarding for a treat next Friday. Swoosh, catching some air, bomb the hills and float on some pow-pow, woo hoo.


Catching air, weeyaah!!!

My First Daily Entry

I started this blog to share random things that I experience and thoughts that I have.
Today I studied for my math exam. My teacher is really strict as she is the dean of the math department. I feel her eyes glaring at me everytime I walk into that class late as I usually do because I have a problem with arriving to places on time. Especially places I hate going to.

She walks around the class looking at our work and I feel dumb when I don’t know the answers which is usually the case because I have hard time understanding at the fast pace that she teaches at. I wonder if she dislikes me when she asks me in front of the other classmates, “Bel did you turn your homework in?” Of course I turned my homework in otherwise I probably wouldn’t be in class.

She seems to have fun embarrassing us, plus I have really bad eyesight but I’m too shy to sit up front. And Ms.D just happens to write so small on the board.

Nonetheless math is torture for me this semester. It wasn’t as bad last semester. I just hope next time I get a better teacher and get to class early enough to get a good unofficially assigned seat, close to the door, but close enough so I can see the board. I know exactly where I like to sit but that seat was taken due to my tardiness. I just feel like when I go to class I’m doing everything wrong and it’s always depressing after I leave when I know I have to go home and do more homework that I don’t understand.

Maybe and hopefully I will ace this math exam tomorrow, like I did on the last exam, and prove to this teacher that I am smart and a worthwhile student. So wish me luck. This math stuff is difficult for me.