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my parents are visiting me in Portland Oregon today. They are here for a week. The weather’s been pretty hot so I’m hoping to use their swimming pool at their hotel at least one of these days. Also, we are hoping to go to the beach tomorrow if we can get a car to rent. Although all the cars that my dad was looking at are booked already and reserved for the day tomorrow, which is Friday. So we might look into going to the beach later this weekend or on Monday. We will have to leave early because it takes a while to get there, at least an hour and a half, and we would like to spend as much time at the beach as possible. BB will love it and I am looking forward to bringing her and having her see the ocean and the sand for one of the few times in her life. I’m sure she will get a kick out of it and I am looking forward to seeing her reaction to it. Also the whole time I’ve lived here in Portland Oregon I’ve wanted to go to the beach and I can’t wait to see it and see how it compares to Bodega Bay in California.

Watching a Movie While My Boyfriend Sleeps

I’m just chillin watching a Nicholas Cage movie while my boyfriend sleeps next to me. Its about 2:11 A.M and I’m tired but I cant go to sleep. We were supposed to go snowboarding today but it waz snowing and we didnt have any chains for his truck.
This morning we tried to watch Netflix on his laptop but we always have the worst time getting his hotspot connected to the computer. So that was frustrating.
Then we tried to watch CNN on his phone and that didn’t work either. We open all the windows and door if that’s going to help get better WiFi at all. It’s pathetic and super frustrating. So we quicmly took showers and got ready for a hike instead of sitting in the house trying to get a signal all day long.
Even though it was raining we decided to leave and go mud stomping. Which was fun and i enjoyed it cause there were hardly any people.
After our hike we came back and got In-and-Out Burger. And gorged ourselves on junk food. We watched one movie called Eye In The Sky shich was very good, took a nap and went for another walk. So according to my Fit Bit watch we took over 12k syeps today and burned 2k calories.
But im getting very tired now and I think I’m going to bed. So goodnight,sleep well and sweet dreams.