I Need A Haircut!

My hair is so long right now it probably reaches all the way down to the middle of my back. When you have hair as long as I do it takes a lot of product to upkeep it, like shampoo, conditioner and shiner. I use a lot of conditioner to make sure my hair is tangle free and then I always run out of conditioner before I run out of my shampoo bottle. Then I use the shiner to make my hair lay flat and look shiny, even though it is already straight and shiny I want to have every hair in place and laying straight down flat because it gets dry and frizzy from blow drying.

Ugh, and then there’s the blow drying. I hate blow drying my hair as it can take as long as half an hour to get completely dry. To the point where my arm gets sore from holding the blow dryer for so long and having to turn my head upside down so that I can get that nice “blow out” effect. Yes having long hair is a pain in the ass and if I really want to spruce it up I will take out the hair straightener and straighten my hair to, but that really burns it and dries the hair out.

If I could, today I would go get my haircut and get like 5 to 8 inches cut off of it. With it cut at an angle. The back being shorter than the front kind of like a longer version of Posh Spice’s hairstyle. I love how she has her hair in a bob with the front longer than the back but I’m not ready to go for a full bob yet. I’m scared to cut off all my long beautiful hair. My boyfriend says he likes my hair long and I’m Native American and take pride in having long, dark, sleek hair.

Once I get it cut I feel like I will have more confidence and feel more proud to show off my hair without wanting to wear beanies and hats all the time. Because sometimes I’m just to lazy to wash my hair. I usually only wash it every other day, because it takes so much time and energy to wash it. Not to mention I do not want to continually fry it by blow drying and straightening it everyday.

So hopefully today or tomorrow I will get my haircut. I would love to get it dyed as well but I do not have the money to do that right now as that costs $130 each time, just for highlights. So wish me luck on my new hairstyle as this one will be one I have never gotten before.