Went To School Today Going Snowboarding Tomorrow & Random People On Messenger

I woke up early this morning and went back to sleep as I had low motivation to go to class this morning so I didn’t get time to take a shower before school. Oh well, I’ve seen people go to school in their pajamas before. At least I made it to school this time because last period I just wasn’t feeling it and didn’t make it to class. So I went to class begrudgingly and turned in my homework. I have to turn in all due work to get a good grade in that class. I don’t want to miss out on any available points. I even have a tutor to help me on the side.

Well tomorrow morning I’m going snowboarding and that’s what’s important. I finally get to treat myself to a day off and a fun day of vacation. My boyfriend and I are looking forward to it. At least I know I am and I hope he is to. I hope he doesn’t feel as though I am dragging him along for the ride because he will have to rent skis and ski boots once we get up there. But that shouldn’t be too bad. As long as we get up there early, before all the crowds get there. It’s college kids Friday so we get a special deal of only $15 for a lift ticket as opposed to the regular $75 dollars per lift ticket.

I’ve had some random people contacting me on Messenger lately and I wonder what that’s all about. I think two people from my past, like friends of over 5 years ago and one new person that I met through WordPress have contacted me through FaceBook Messenger. One asked me to be his In Home Support Servicer but I don’t want to especially since the relationship we had was strange and we were using drugs at the time and he is still using now. I mean I know he had HIV and needs help but I am not prepared or well trained enough to know how to take care of someone in this type of situation. Plus I do not want to contract HIV in anyway shape or form. I mean through cleaning his house or anything like that. And another girl contacted me randomly when we used to go out to coffee together and had gone to the bar once and I told her some embarrassing stuff so I don’t want to talk to her either.

But I am happy to know that they are ok and that they want to talk to me I just don’t really want to have anything to do with them so I will not be contacting them back. Do you think that is mean of me? I think it is best as to whatever makes me feel the most comfortable. I mean my friend with the HIV looks like crap and was kind of rude to me when we video chat the other night and the girl I barely even know what she wants. So I figure it best just to leave it up in the air.