Random Dumb Poem

I was going to write a poem

But I realize writing poems is just not me

Whatever and so um,

I figured there’s nothing else to do other than sleep

So I I’m writing my first poem please bare with me

As I don’t know what the hell I’m doing

Or how I will leave

you. I might be rambling and I might keep on going

For I’m not a writer and I’m definitely not no poet

I won’t pretend I know or that I enjoy it

I won’t even pretend like I know it

But I have to admit boy it’s

Fun trying to write a poem

When you don’t care

Or when you don’t even know them

Yes I feel bad for the share

And I hope you don’t care

That I’m not a poet

And I guess you would know it’s


I can’t write poems

So if you read this I’m sorry

I tried but I hurried.

It was fun now it’s done

So now you can feel relieved

And go take a pee and think about

How dumb this poem was