I Found My Snowboarding Boots, What A Relief!

I’ve been looking for my snowboarding boots all weekend long and I finally just found them! My boyfriend and I were supposed to go snowboarding last Friday but we didn’t have chains for his truck and it was going to be snowing all day long so we decided it wouldn’t be safe to go without them. Unfortunately our snowboarding trip keeps get putting off because of one thing or another and finally this last friday we woke up at 4 A.M. we were all packed ready to go and checked the weather it was raining we we were at and it said snowy and windy in the mountains so without chains on the truck it was a no go, once again.

So this coming Friday is going to be it. The infamous snowboarding day, the one day that we get to go up a season. I can’t wait. I looked for those darn boots everywhere last Thursday, in the addict, in every household closet, in the laundry room and in the shed outside. I crawled through rat poop and spider webs but to no avail did I find the boots, which really pissed me off because I knew I was probably gonna have to rent a whole set of a snowboard and boots because they have the new click in apparatuses which I have the old strap in kind. Not only would I have to teach myself how to use a new mechanism I would also have to pay extra money which I don’t really have. So now I can save a little bit of money and possibly buy myself a new e-cigarette because mine blew up in my face a few days ago.

I’m super excited to go to the snow it’s my favorite thing to do. And not to be cocky but yes I am good at it. I can jump off ramps and catch air I can slide down polls and do a 360 degree turn but that’s about it. I can’t bust any badass tricks or anything but I can do some basic snowboarding things like go down the halfpipes and stuff like that. But my favorite thing is just floating on the fresh powder and carving through it. I heard there’s a lot of snow up there right now so hopefully the conditions will be nice when we go even though it’s becoming close to the end of the season there’s just so much snow this year that it’s going to be a long season. And I’m so thankful that I will have time to get up there before it’s over.


Doing Homework On A Rainy Day

Unfortunately spring break is now over. It’s time to get back on the grind of schoolwork. I tremendously enjoyed my time off with the beautiful rainy showers and intermittent sunny days peaking through the clouds. It felt like winter time all over, which is my favorite season, so I got to reminisce and enjoy the past season which we just had. I love bundling up and layering up my clothes and wearing my beanie in the cold weather. I guess you could say I’m an introvert and I like to hide under the cover of cool clothing and umbrellas and hats. It just makes me feel me feel more comfortable and a little less exposed, than in the summer when it gets hot and you have to be all out there in shorts and tank tops and such.

So I got to enjoy spending some precious time with my “infamous” boyfriend as he likes to call himself on this blog now. Where we watched movies and spent a lot of time cuddling and hanging out together. He is starting a new job tomorrow so he will be turning into my new sugar daddy at least that’s what he told me and we will be going out and doing more fun stuff like going on trips to the city and going to art museums and stuff like that, which we enjoy. We have just not had the funds lately and have barely had enough money to go out on dates to go out to eat at restuarants and out to the movies. We have pretty much just been house bound which I have been fine with but I know he is getting anxious and wants to go out more, which is why he is hoping he gets paid once a week instead of twice a month so that we can do something every week if we feel like it. I love him so much I just want him to be happy and I don’t want him or us to get bored doing the same thing all the time. I mean we are still young and we should be out there having fun and exploring and going on adventures. Which we will as soon as he starts getting paid. Although I do not know if he realizes that his job doing construction and going to school is going to be pretty demanding and he will probably be tired a lot, especially his first few weeks.

Anyway I am working on my education right now and after I get my degree and get employed I will become his sugar momma, since we plan on being together forever. I plan on paying it forward and giving back to him as much as I can and anyway I can pay my own way right now. With my parents help they will allow me to go on trips on special occasions to the museum in the city and certain things like that will not be a financial problem for me. As long as I continue to do well in my classes and am able to keep up with the work I will be ok. That is my first priority at the moment right now, doing well in school, and I am. I currently have a very high “B” in my difficult math class and I have an A in my other social media class. I like my social media class because it introduced me to this blogging stuff and I absolutely love it. I have gotten liked and comments from people when I would never expected it. I’m so thrilled that people are reading my posts it makes me happy to know that people can relate to what I’m going through. So for all of you who are reading this and for all of you who comment and follow me thank you it really means alot to me. I have to admit I am an attention seeking person.

My boyfriend was concerned of why I was sharing my diary with the whole world and wanted to know if there was something we needed to talk about but it’s just something I enjoy doing. I like to see if other people will read my entries, if other people can relate to what I’m going through and if anyone has an interest to what my daily activities are but me. And I’m surprised that they do and if not that’s ok too. I’m mostly just writing for myself to see if I can become a better writer/person and improve on myself as a whole. There’s many things that come to light to when I’m writing about my daily activities. and things I find I can improve on. Or things that I find patterns in. Sometimes there’s things that I’m embarrassed to share about. But I haven’t had the guts to get that far to the point of writing about those things yet. I read other people’s posts and I am inspired by their writings one day I hope I can be as good as them. And one day I hope I can inspire others too.

Why Is It So Hard To Get to The Gym?

Everyday I plan on going to the gym and everyday I don’t make it. Why is it so hard to get to the gym? I can make it maybe once a week but I’d like to go once a day if not at least once every other day. I mean geez I’m paying $50 dollars a month for the darn membership, I really feel like I should be making better use out of it than sitting on the couch and watching TV or even writing on this blog, but I get so addicted to electronic devices that I lose track of time and I even find myself spending quite a lot of time watching movies with my boyfriend at his house that sometimes on the weekend we don’t get our day started until 4 or 5 P.M. like we did today. But it’s so nice just to chill and relax and lay in bed with my lover all day long eat and cuddle and hold each other and watch movies and nap all day long.

I have to admit I do have some trouble with procrastination. And I do have recent proof of that getting me into trouble, with my psychiatrist appointment and with my hair cut appointment. One my psychiatrist got mad at me and two my hair came up not the way I wanted it to. So how do I deal with this procrastination problem and the being tardy and lateness issue? I will have to get up earlier and jump in the shower way before my appointments start so that I know I will give myself enough time to drive to them, since I live out in the country it takes a little longer for me to travel to the city. It usually takes me at least an hour to take a shower and get dressed and half an hour travel time to the city.

But my gym’s right down the street and I don’t need to take a shower to get ready to go there. I guess I could make up the excuse that’s it’s only open until 5 P.M. on the weekends and 8 P.M. on the weekdays. Which gives me enough time but not when you’re a late bird like me. I wish it was open 24 hours a day like my boyfriend’s gym then I might be there more often, at least on the weekends for sure. It’s so hard for me to plan for things on the weekend because those days are my free days and when the gym closes early I feel like I lose precious time with my boyfriend. Especially when he will start his job that will be our special time together.

Anyway I could go on with the excuses but I know it’s just my fault and more of my procrastination and though writing these blogs/diaries I am able to see the better of my faults and I will try to work on them and get back to you on how it’s going. I hope my techniques of planning ahead and giving myself enough time to get ready and realizing what my priorities are, because working out is important for me. I plan on training and getting prepared for snowboarding for this upcoming week. For when my boyfriend and I plan to go snowboarding/skiing this coming Friday. We have to strengthen our legs and get prepared for the high altitude. So wish me luck as I get off my lazy ass and get my procrastinating butt to the gym.

Watching a Movie While My Boyfriend Sleeps

I’m just chillin watching a Nicholas Cage movie while my boyfriend sleeps next to me. Its about 2:11 A.M and I’m tired but I cant go to sleep. We were supposed to go snowboarding today but it waz snowing and we didnt have any chains for his truck.
This morning we tried to watch Netflix on his laptop but we always have the worst time getting his hotspot connected to the computer. So that was frustrating.
Then we tried to watch CNN on his phone and that didn’t work either. We open all the windows and door if that’s going to help get better WiFi at all. It’s pathetic and super frustrating. So we quicmly took showers and got ready for a hike instead of sitting in the house trying to get a signal all day long.
Even though it was raining we decided to leave and go mud stomping. Which was fun and i enjoyed it cause there were hardly any people.
After our hike we came back and got In-and-Out Burger. And gorged ourselves on junk food. We watched one movie called Eye In The Sky shich was very good, took a nap and went for another walk. So according to my Fit Bit watch we took over 12k syeps today and burned 2k calories.
But im getting very tired now and I think I’m going to bed. So goodnight,sleep well and sweet dreams.

No Chains On The Truck, No Snowboarding Today

Today it’s storming pretty bad here in Sonoma County. My boyfriend and I were planning on going up to Tahoe to go on a snowboarding adventure. But since it’s raining we decided it be best not to go up to the mountains without any chains on his truck. It probably would’ve taken longer to get up there anyways and we would’ve been snowboarding with snow in our faces all day long because the weather forecast said it was going to be windy and snowing all day long.

So once again our snowboarding trip is put off for another week. We have to go on a Friday because it’s a special deal for college students where it only costs $15 per lift ticket compared to the regular $75 daily price of a lift ticket. Plus I don’t know if it would be fun to go snowboarding with snow and wind in our faces all day long. At least it would have been really tiring to be cold and wet all day long. Yet I was willing to do pretty much anything just to get up there as I just want to go snowboarding so bad, ugh! This is frustrating.

Once again this is partially due to my procrastination because we could’ve rented chains for $30 for five days instead of buying them for $60. Which would’ve have helped since we are both broke right now. Why is it that only rich people can afford to going skiing and snowboarding? It’s just so darn expensive. And I couldn’t find my snowboard boots last night so I was pretty sure they got misplaced in the addict or my dad might have accidentally given them away to the Goodwill. So last night I was kind of pissed off when I found out I was going to probably have to rent boots and a board, the kind where you click in in instead of strapped in. Which I’ve never ridden before and would’ve have been a new experience for me, even though I just got this other older board which I love, and much rather ride than a used rental board. I know I’m sounding spoiled, we’ll I guess I am, I’m daddy’s little girl. And since I am focusing on finishing my education right now and don’t have a job, it was important that I go snowboarding today because I know I’m probably not going to get another chance to go this season.

Next week when we go at least we know there will be snow from this week’s storm. We will be ready with chains and boots and what ever else we might need. I just hope the weather conditions are superior for the one day that I get to go up a year. I can’t wait and I look forward ro next Friday, yay!

I Need A Haircut!

My hair is so long right now it probably reaches all the way down to the middle of my back. When you have hair as long as I do it takes a lot of product to upkeep it, like shampoo, conditioner and shiner. I use a lot of conditioner to make sure my hair is tangle free and then I always run out of conditioner before I run out of my shampoo bottle. Then I use the shiner to make my hair lay flat and look shiny, even though it is already straight and shiny I want to have every hair in place and laying straight down flat because it gets dry and frizzy from blow drying.

Ugh, and then there’s the blow drying. I hate blow drying my hair as it can take as long as half an hour to get completely dry. To the point where my arm gets sore from holding the blow dryer for so long and having to turn my head upside down so that I can get that nice “blow out” effect. Yes having long hair is a pain in the ass and if I really want to spruce it up I will take out the hair straightener and straighten my hair to, but that really burns it and dries the hair out.

If I could, today I would go get my haircut and get like 5 to 8 inches cut off of it. With it cut at an angle. The back being shorter than the front kind of like a longer version of Posh Spice’s hairstyle. I love how she has her hair in a bob with the front longer than the back but I’m not ready to go for a full bob yet. I’m scared to cut off all my long beautiful hair. My boyfriend says he likes my hair long and I’m Native American and take pride in having long, dark, sleek hair.

Once I get it cut I feel like I will have more confidence and feel more proud to show off my hair without wanting to wear beanies and hats all the time. Because sometimes I’m just to lazy to wash my hair. I usually only wash it every other day, because it takes so much time and energy to wash it. Not to mention I do not want to continually fry it by blow drying and straightening it everyday.

So hopefully today or tomorrow I will get my haircut. I would love to get it dyed as well but I do not have the money to do that right now as that costs $130 each time, just for highlights. So wish me luck on my new hairstyle as this one will be one I have never gotten before.

Can’t Afford My Meds

I went to CVS pharmacy to pick up my meds and they only gave me a seven day supply. The doctor pillsusually orders me a thirty-day supply so I was wondering what was up with the medication refill. They said that my insurance wasn’t going to cover the medication and that I was going to have to pay out of pocket for the rest of the 30 day supply which was $500. I cannot afford to pay $500 for one month’s worth of meds.

So I don’t know what I’m going to do. I spoke with the insurance company today and they pretty much gave me the run around. Saying that they would email me a list of medications that are covered by my insurance, whatever that means. I also tried to use the $15 coupon that the doctor gave to me for the medication but I called the hotline and they said I wasn’t eligible. So I don’t know what I’m going to do.

I have an appointment with my doctor on Wednesday, in two days, so by then I hope this issue will be resolved. But as far as I know she already wrote a letter to my insurance company citing that I needed the medicine and that other medicines hadn’t worked so that they should cover me for this medication under their insurance plan. I hope I will be able to continue taking my medication as it is helping me and I cannot afford to pay for it out of pocket.