Take My Blood Please

I have had a stomach ache for the past 2 weeks. It could possibly be an ulcer from being stressed out about school all the time. I have been to the doctor at school about it and they wanted to take my blood for it. Although, since I am a so-called “hard-stick,” phlebotomists usually can rarely get any blood from me. I’m not sure and am ashamed to tell them that I used to be an I.V. drug user and that’s part of why they can’t hit my veins. 

The school clinic even offered to pay for a taxi for me to go to the E.R. at the nearest hospital, but I had to go to class and really didn’t feel like getting probed and prodded, even though this stomach ache has been killing me for way too long. When I lived in California and had a special phlebotomist take my blood at my usual clinic, she was always able to get blood out of a vein I have on my finger. She was an old pro. Her name was Penny and she is retired now so when I had to get my blood after she left there was only one other lady there that was good at getting me. Yet last time I went to the Indian Clinic they had to take my blood out of my leg. I guess this is a big no-no in the phlebotomist community because when I tell them it’s probably easier to get a vein on my leg they say “oh no, we can’t do that.” I’m totally discouraged and want to take the needle myself and try to take the blood on my own.

Now that I live in Oregon I am trying to get set up at another Indian Clinic and yesterday they couldn’t take my blood either. This time they want to take my blood for the Hep C treatment that I had about a year ago. They want to make sure that I still do not have Hep C anymore. I am so lucky that I was able to get that treatment for free because it is a 3 month treatment and you take one pill everyday. The pill, if not covered by insurance, is $1000 per pill! So I really hope that when they test me for Hep C this time

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 10.36.31 AM

Taking Blood

that I am still clear of it. I will have to go to a special lab that they are sending me to so they can take my blood there.

Can’t Afford My Meds

I went to CVS pharmacy to pick up my meds and they only gave me a seven day supply. The doctor pillsusually orders me a thirty-day supply so I was wondering what was up with the medication refill. They said that my insurance wasn’t going to cover the medication and that I was going to have to pay out of pocket for the rest of the 30 day supply which was $500. I cannot afford to pay $500 for one month’s worth of meds.

So I don’t know what I’m going to do. I spoke with the insurance company today and they pretty much gave me the run around. Saying that they would email me a list of medications that are covered by my insurance, whatever that means. I also tried to use the $15 coupon that the doctor gave to me for the medication but I called the hotline and they said I wasn’t eligible. So I don’t know what I’m going to do.

I have an appointment with my doctor on Wednesday, in two days, so by then I hope this issue will be resolved. But as far as I know she already wrote a letter to my insurance company citing that I needed the medicine and that other medicines hadn’t worked so that they should cover me for this medication under their insurance plan. I hope I will be able to continue taking my medication as it is helping me and I cannot afford to pay for it out of pocket.