My name


California beach coastline

is Bel Murray. I am from Sebastopol, California, It is a small town in the western middle of California (about one hour north of San Francisco). The town I live in consists of about ten thousand people. I was not born here, I was born in a larger Southern California city, Santa Cruz, but moved here when I was about four years old. Is it boring and slow here you ask? And I would have to say after living here and growing up here for so many years, yes it is a little bit small town-ish for me. But it is beautiful here and there are many places to do outdoors stuff like going hiking and biking. We are only about thirty minutes from beautiful California beaches and three hours from the Sierra Mountains where you can go hiking, backpacking and snowboarding. Plus there are many regional parks in our area to go hiking which are very close and plentiful. These places are good for hiking, taking pictures, hanging out with family friends and bringing the dogs to the park for a walk.

I currently go to Santa Rosa Junior College and will be getting my


My school

Associates of Arts degree this summer. After that I plan on transferring to Portland State University in Oregon this fall. In writing this blog I hope to find some freedom from my small world of living in a small town and expressing my thoughts and opinions to a wider audience. I like to get comments and followers and get conversations going. But what is most important to me is to have an outlet by writing and through creative expression. It’s fun to see if people read your your posts and to get feedback on it is even more fun.

I really have just started on WordPress a couple of weeks ago and I have another blog that is all about vaping. I am in a social media class in college where I was introduced to WordPress and so far I really like it. I am on it everyday and I love to read other people’s posts as well. So if anyone has any ideas on what I can do to improve my site I am open to suggestions.


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