Spring Lethargy Day

Some people get Spring Fever, well I don’t, I get Spring Lethargy. I had a math exam last Thursday and I went to school all week but the week before that I had a very bad case of Spring Lethargy. I ended up playing hookie from school and didn’t go to school all week. I was so exhausted and sick and tired of going to school. So basically I just didn’t go. Unfortunately that meant that I missed a lot of practicing for my math exam. So by the time the math class came around I felt like I wasn’t very well prepared for it. I mean I did study at my house but I did not get instruction from the teacher. Yet I really felt like I needed the time off. I had to take a break for myself and my well being.

I was just getting so sick of going to school all the time that I couldn’t muster up the energy to get to class. And yes I do feel guilty about it and I did feel like I was missing out on some important information, but while I was taking the week off from school I was still studying and doing my homework. and I crammed for my math exam. So I really hope I got a passing grade but it was hard trying to teach myself some of the equations and stuff like that. It was a pretty hard test and I feel like I only got half of the answers right. Which means I would get an “F”, because an “F” is 50% of the correct answers. And I would hate to bring my grade down that much because I have been getting “A’s” and “B’s” on all the other exams. And right now I have a high “B” in the class.

I am thinking about scheduling regular appointments with my tutor for the rest of the semester because we will have a cumulative final coming up and that means the exam will be on all the information we learned throughout the semester. I know that one is going to be the one that challenges me the most. But I feel like it’s so hard to stay motivated and on top of my homework towards the end of the semester. I just have to keep myself in check, not miss any more classes and stay on top of my homework.

Right now I’m at my boyfriend’s house and he is practicing playing in the guitar while I right on my blog. Tomorrow we are going to do something different and try going to a non denomination church in the morning. That is going to start at ten so I hope we can get up, get ready and get out of the house by that time, because we said we were going to do that last week but we overslept. So I am hoping we make it tomorrow because I need to get some peace, love and serenity in my busy life right now.

We have also been getting ready to move to Portland, Oregon because I plan on going to school there at Portland State University, and he is coming with me. So I have been working on getting assistance from my tribe because they are offering to help me with rent when I go up there. Which I am greatly looking  forward to.


2 thoughts on “Spring Lethargy Day

  1. I think when the weather gets nicer we all want to play hooky and ignore our responsibilities, I speak from experience as I was at work all week just wishing I could be anywhere but sitting in my cube. I think next time you are tempted to ditch class just think about how much money you are spending to be in class. You definitely do not want to retake a math class, miserable experience! On the topic of vaping though I agree that it really helped a lot of my friends quit and is a great tool in the in between cold turkey and heavy smoking.

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    • Yes thank you for that suggestion. Not to mention the cost I spend on the tutor for the math class. Although I so love the rainy weather more and tend to have more energy in the winter months I get too hot in the spring and summer. Which is why I hope I get accepted to Portland State university in the fall. Which is up in Oregon, where it is a lot cooler. And on the vaping, thank you for your support. I agree it is much Beyer than heavy smoking and gets me through the finals at school much better than cigarettes. 😃


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