Quality Time By Myself

This week I did not go to school. I was feeling a little off and sick but really and basically I just needed some me time. I did accomplish getting my homework done and turned in. Next week I will feel much better. But now at this point I am getting a little stir crazy and want to take this weekend to practice for my math exam and finish up homework for my other class. Sometimes you just need a break right? Maybe I’m getting Spring fever or something.

Although either way I do feel like I missed out by not going to class, I just did not feel up to going. I feel guilty, sad and a little upset with myself. But that will pass as long as I get to class next week and no more absences for the rest of the semester. I enjoy school. I like being around people and I like listening to the lectures. Luckily in my social media class the teacher records all his lecture so all I have to do is download the videos and watch them as if was actually in class. So there I don’t feel like I’m missing too much.

I enjoyed this last week and am feeling my light is shining a little brighter now that I got some rest and relaxation. I can go back to school with an open mind and an open heart. Hopefully this way I will be able to retain the information even more. And I want to keep the two good grades I have in the class.


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