I Went To The Wildlife Preserve Today

Today I went to the wildlife preserve. It was located in Petaluma, California. There they had such live wild animals like mountain lions, foxes, raccoon, coyotes and wolves.


Caged wolf

It was pretty cool to see these animals alive and in habitats, but at the same time it was kind of sad to know that they were locked up and would never be released again. The mountain lions were beautiful and big, I would never want to be caught alone in the dark with one of those animals. They said if they want to have anything to do with humans than there is something wrong with them or they are very hungry. So either way you don’t want to cross their paths in the wild.

They had two coyotes that people had been keeping as pets so they were never going to be released into the wild again after being domesticated. And the wolves were not native to the area but they were someone’s pets who could not care for them anymore. They also had cute little foxes and raccoons which I see a lot of the time dead on the side of the road by my house because I live out in the country near a very fast and busy road, so it was nice to see them alive and well even if they were in cages.


Stuffed fox



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