My First Daily Entry

I started this blog to share random things that I experience and thoughts that I have.
Today I studied for my math exam. My teacher is really strict as she is the dean of the math department. I feel her eyes glaring at me everytime I walk into that class late as I usually do because I have a problem with arriving to places on time. Especially places I hate going to.

She walks around the class looking at our work and I feel dumb when I don’t know the answers which is usually the case because I have hard time understanding at the fast pace that she teaches at. I wonder if she dislikes me when she asks me in front of the other classmates, “Bel did you turn your homework in?” Of course I turned my homework in otherwise I probably wouldn’t be in class.

She seems to have fun embarrassing us, plus I have really bad eyesight but I’m too shy to sit up front. And Ms.D just happens to write so small on the board.

Nonetheless math is torture for me this semester. It wasn’t as bad last semester. I just hope next time I get a better teacher and get to class early enough to get a good unofficially assigned seat, close to the door, but close enough so I can see the board. I know exactly where I like to sit but that seat was taken due to my tardiness. I just feel like when I go to class I’m doing everything wrong and it’s always depressing after I leave when I know I have to go home and do more homework that I don’t understand.

Maybe and hopefully I will ace this math exam tomorrow, like I did on the last exam, and prove to this teacher that I am smart and a worthwhile student. So wish me luck. This math stuff is difficult for me.



4 thoughts on “My First Daily Entry

  1. Even teachers need occasional re-education! Especially regarding the rights of disabled persons. It is easier to make wrong assumptions than investigate more thoroughly. 😦
    A REALLY GOOD START, FRIEND! In a few days they’ll have your LIKE and REBLOG options up…about the same amount of time it took for your first blog! 🙂

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    • Thank you for understanding the plight of a disability when it comes to school. I have found their is a stigma on it so I am glad you are not turned off by the idea that I have a disability. It does make things a little more difficult but I am getting by and am pretty high functioning, so thankfully it doesn’t get in the way that much.


      • YEAH WELL… My dad was the Protestant Chaplain in a Psych center, MY Mom was a teacher, I’ve taught, have always felt kinship with those limited in some way, have workedwith and befriended those considered handicapped—including three years as a home missionary serving the Lord with the physically limited and mentally disabled. I have my limits and my wife has become disabled—since 1996. Sorry to burden you with all this—the Lord God tends to send such like my way. …Praise god! 🙂

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